At Aspect Photography, we pride ourselves on individualized service and an unbeatable product.  Whether you're looking for a wedding photographer, senior portraits, maternity, newborn, or just someone to capture your family event, we're here for you....

I am David Robinson, founder of Aspect Photography. Together with my wife Amy and a slough of of talented assistants and employees, we have a built an unmatched reputation for providing the best service at a great price.

At Aspect Photography, excellence is our standard, perfection our goal.

I was born and raised in California but have been blessed with being able to travel the world.  I find the most enjoyable aspect of being a photographer is building relationships with my clients and being able to provide them with that once-in-a-lifetime moment.  As a father of 4 beautiful children, I appreciate the ability to capture their stages.   If it's important to me to capture their lives on film (digital now), I am sure it's just as important to my clients!  

At this stage of our economy, you may be asking yourself "why pay a professional photographer when I can find an amateur online?" The answer is simple. You have to look at your wedding, birthday party, engagement sitting, religious celebration, or holiday portraits for what they are, a once-in-a-lifetime events that can't be replicated.

Do you trust that to an amateur?

A professional offers:

CONFIDENCE - Confidence in one's training is common sense and that comes from good preparation, dedication to the craft, and years of practical application. You won't have time to think while you are shooting. Think of it as left brain-right brain thinking. Everything about a wedding is timed. A professional photographer works their whole life to learn to work in these profiles. While the right half of the brain is automatically doing things repetitively, the left half is searching for the picture.

INTUITION - Wedding photography is more intuitive than sports photography. Sports are played on a designated field within certain boundaries. There are no boundaries at a wedding. The individuals in sports all adhere (sometimes) to a given set of rules, work for a team,management driven and can be disciplined. At a wedding, emotions and alcohol generally fan the flames. Both work within time constraints. In sports it's enforced, at a wedding it's called "chaos".

TECHNIQUE - What are you looking for in your photographs? Are you looking for the traditional, photo-journalistic, or classical styles? Can your photographer explain the differences? Do you need a blend of the three aproaches? Unfortunately, the relatively cheap prices of digital equipment has convinced the majority of people that they can produce "professional" quality photographs. The one thing I would have to say is that it's NOT about the equipment, it's about the creativity and skill of a professional that has spent a lifetime perfecting their craft. To quote a friend of mine, "Ansel Adams could take a better picture with an insta-matic than most people can with the latest model cameras". Too true!

At Aspect Photography, we don't just take pictures, we capture light. Careful study of "chiaroscuro", the study of balance between light and shadow give us a unique insight; a flare for the dramatic without being too far out of the mainstream.  You can trust your critical photography needs to Aspect Photography; it's time to have fun, to enjoy the process as much as you will enjoy the outcome!

In addition to our website here at, we are proud to announce that we have a dedicated portrait website at

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