Portrait suggestions

The start:  It is critical that we're prepared for your photo shoot.  A few planning tips can mean the difference between an amazing and an average outcome.

We will thrive on capturing the real you so bring "you" to the photo shoot.... comfortable clothing that speaks to you.  

For the guys, if you are unsure of what that means, ask your mom or girlfriend, they know.  

For the ladies, bring it!  Bring the options but leave the bling behind.  Excessive accessories are generally just a detractor from the ultimate goal, to see the real you with a focus on who you are, not the things you are wearing.  We won't limit your wardrobe changes, so bring options to your shoot.  We do caution you to avoid plaids and stripes though, they are usually less than flattering.  

We will talk more about style after you've booked with us but here are a few tried and true tips that so many photographers SHOULD be telling you:

-Bring your smile and be prepared to have fun.  This is about you after all.

-Bring what interests you, be it books, basketballs, or musical instruments.  This is about your    high school years, captured as a moment in time.  

-Guys, shave!  'nuff said

-Ladies, this isn't the time to experiment with a new hairstyle or makeup.  We are happy to         provide a makeup artist if you'd like.

-Lastly, we're sure you've already researched online as to what you'd like your final images to      look like, share them with us....  Our ultimate goal is for you to love the process and the            product.

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